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Creating organic products

The desire for organic

Today's health-conscious consumer is increasingly seeking out organic foods. For many, however, it is about more than maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It is about knowing that the product has been sourced and produced safely and sustainably. At Ingredion, our organic and clean label experts can work with you to select the best ingredient solution for your application to create delicious, consumer-winning organic foods with optimal sensory appeal.

How we can help

Our NOVATION® range of functional native starches contains ingredients that are 100% organic, which enable you to differentiate your products from the competitions and tap into consumers' growing desires for 'real' and natural ingredients.

Certifiably organic

As well as building appealing textures and maintaining a high process tolerance, these starches' 100% organic certification protect your organic claim from future regulation changes, keeping you safe in the knowledge that your customers can rely on you for organically-based products.

High process tolerance

NOVATION® 9230 starch, refined from waxy maize. Applications include:
• Baby food
• Canned soups and sauces
• Ready-to-eat meals and meal solutions
• Salad dressings
NOVATION® 9330 starch, refined from tapioca. Applications include:
• Baby food
• Bakery jams
• Canned soups and sauces and UHT
• Dairy puddings, yoghurts and desserts
• Emulsified sauces and dressings

Moderate process tolerance

NOVATION® 9260 starch, refined from waxy maize. Applications include:
• Baby food
• Canned and jarred foods
• Dairy puddings
NOVATION® 9360 starch, refined from tapioca. Applications include:
• Baby food
• Fruit preparations
• Pasteurised puddings and desserts
• Pasteurised soups and sauces

How can we help?

Contact our experts today to find the right ingredient for your needs.

These products are compliant with the German legislation under the EC Genetic Engineering Implementation Act (EGGenTDurchfG) and are suitable for certifications according to the VLOG (Verband Lebensmittel Ohne Gentechnik) "Ohne Gentechnik" Standard. Compliance confirmation is available and valid for one calendar year, and will be renewed on an annual basis.
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