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UNI-PURE® IMF 2332 emulsifier

UNI-PURE® IMF 2332 is a highly functional milk- and ‘allergen-free’ OSA-starch to emulsify and encapsulate fats and oils in special (infant) formula based on (high) hydrolysed proteins or other non-dairy proteins. UNI-PURE® IMF 2332 allows you to develop milk-protein free emulsifier for Food for Special Medical Purposes (FSMP) without compromising on the emulsion stability and oil shelf-life in the Formula.

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UNI-PURE® IMF starches

UNI-PURE® IMF​ starches are produced from maize or rice and manufactured to the highest microbiological standards.

These products deliver viscosity and can be used in products for infants with particular dietary requirements.

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