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SUSTAGRAIN® whole grain barley flour

Benefit from three times more fibre than oats

Part of our extensive portfolio of proven nutritional ingredients, SUSTAGRAIN® wholegrain barley is the highest quality natural wholegrain fibre currently on the market. Made from waxy hull-less barley, SUSTAGRAIN®:

  • Delivers 30% total fibre (three times more than oats) – almost half of this fibre comes from soluble beta-glucans (12%)
  • Is available in two easy-to-use formats; ready-to-eat flakes and fine milled flour
  • Is perfect for use in breads, cereal bars, luxury breakfast cereals and muesli
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SUSTAGRAIN® wholegrain barley

SUSTAGRAIN® wholegrain barley flakes and flour with the highest levels of ß-glucan. Ideal for boosting the wholegrain, fibre and ß-glucan content of baked goods, leveraging the positive connotation of barley and capitalising on newly approved health claims for ß-glucan and lowering cholesterol maintenance

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