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NOVATION PRIMA® 650 starch

Develop clean label foods that keep their indulgent textures while undergoing frozen storage

Our range of NOVATION PRIMA® clean label starches combine viscosity with high freeze/thaw stability allowing manufacturers to produce in advance or store products for longer without compromising on the eating experience of their products. This instant clean label starch is ideal for foods such as fruit preparation, instant fillings, muffins and mayonnaise to keep their indulgent texture whilst undergoing extended ambient refrigerated or frozen storage.

NOVATION PRIMA® 650 is an instant functional clean label starch, based on waxy maize that will not lump even in low shear and low temperature conditions. It is moderately process tolerant, with no pre-mixing required, reducing costs and simplifying the procedure. It also combines instant viscosity with over 25% higher texture stability in foods over shelf-life.

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Develop clean label foods that keep their indulgent textures while undergoing frozen storage

The secret ingredient

Develop clean label claims with genuine consumer appeal to differentiate yourself in the market.

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