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Smart saving solutions for beverages

Save up to 15% by cutting recipe costs 

Save up to 15% on recipe costs without compromising on deliciousness with our Smart Saving Solutions for beverages. Our Smart Saving Solutions for beverages are designed to tackle the specific challenges you face when it comes to saving money…

  • Maintaining pulpiness whilst lowering costs
  • Maintaining texture while reducing sugar, fat, protein, pulp or pectin
  • Maintaining consistency from batch to batch and over shelf –life
  • Cutting costs whilst maintaining quality and the overall drinking experience 

We’ve helped companies increase their margins by making recipe cost savings and by improving their yield.

Consumers will love your products, and you’ll love the look of your bottom line. That’s smart thinking for smart savings, from Ingredion.

Discover how Ingredion has helped beverage manufacturers save up to 15% on recipe costs.

Find out how beverage companies across Europe are saving money and what their strategies are.

Download the i2s brief today to see how you can save money in your beverages


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