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Keeping up with the latest trends

It’s essential to understand what consumers are truly seeking in food and beverages so that you can launch successful, on trend products that meet their needs.

When you work with us, you’ll have exclusive access to our proprietary market research and consumer insights, including ongoing clean label surveys of consumers in 9 countries. Consumer insights fuel our innovation process, resulting in market-leading products your consumers will love.

You can also gain an edge with “our front-end innovation process”, which identifies market signals and changes. This allows us to mobilise research and development teams to help you address emerging needs at the earliest possible point.

Discover how clean label ingredients can increase your ROI in savoury products

Ingredion will introduce to you how clean label can help you achieve faster product development, increased sales and margins in key savoury segments including soups, dressings, and ready meals.

Discover how clean label ingredients can increase your ROI in dairy products

See how Ingredion devised a winning solution for a dessert manufacturer launching a new cheesecake. Join our webinar to discover how you can increase your return on investment into clean label ingredients today.

Discover how clean label ingredients can increase your ROI in bakery products

Ingredion will introduce to you how clean label can help you achieve faster product development, increased sales during high season and reduced overheads to achieve increased margins. 

Affordable clean label: The next step in sauces and dressings

In today’s savoury market, consumers are looking for clear and familiar labels. Our webinar will share clean label consumer insights and discuss challenges faced by manufacturers when switching to clean label. 

Exploring the evolution and market adoption of clean label ingredients

Our Ingredion Clean Label experts will take you through how the adoption of clean label ingredients has changed the food and beverage industry in Europe forever. 

Disruption of clean label: How adoption has accelerated change

How does the personalization of clean label impact how clean label is defined, and how can manufacturers respond to this evolving trend? Explore regional clean label trends and challenges in this webinar. 

Delivering differentiation in clean labels

This research-driven webinar will focus on current global trends and consumer perceptions of ingredients. Listen to learn how how manufacturers can differentiate their clean label products.

Let's talk senses - 4 Eating Styles: Yoghurt Case Study

Recent research has uncovered that consumers fall into one of four categories of eating style - crunchers, chewers, smooshers or suckers. Learn about the importance of Sensory Experience to consumers now.

Clean-taste pulses: Bringing delicious nutrition to more foods and beverages

Discover how new clean-taste pulse flours and proteins are allowing increased pulse usage in pasta, snacks, bakery and chips - and are expanding the use of pulses to dairy alternatives and savoury applications. 

Your next Success Story with Real Solutions in Processed & Imitation cheese

In this upcoming webinar we will now focus on how Ingredion is bringing innovation to address your biggest cheese challenges. Learn about how we design and develop ingredient solutions based on industry needs.

Grow your Business and Look inside the Clean Label trend

Get the latest insights into how food and beverage manufacturers around the world regard the “clean and simple” trend. How critical is it to their strategies? Can you gain an edge in your market? And how will you maintain or grow market share?

Translating "Clean Label" and "Simple Label" into consumer language

Drawing on deep consumer and manufacturer research, this webinar addresses what “clean label” and “simple label” really mean for consumers, how you can make them add value and how we can most effectively market them. 

Advances in Pulse-based Ingredients

Learn about recent advancements with pulses and brand-new consumer insights from an Ingredion proprietary study. Hear case studies from the experts about new applications for pulse ingredients that align with these consumer insights. 

The Revolution in Processed Cheese: Global Trends | Challenges | Solutions

Demand for cheese around the globe highlights a positive shift to how consumers are incorporating  this highly complex food into their diets. The question to be addressed is how to satisfy increasing demand in the future.

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