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Innovate with sweeteners

There is sweetness – and then there is sugar. Consumers today want more of the former and less of the latter. Fortunately, Ingredion offers sweetness solutions that deliver sugar-like taste profiles and the mouthfeel of sugar, with fewer calories and simple labels.

Working collaboratively together, we can help you create innovative sweet treats and beverages with your consumer in mind. You’ll also benefit from our consumer insights, process technology expertise and industry experience to create the just-right sweetness and performance your application demands.

Innovate something sweet today with sweeteners from Ingredion.

How can we help?

Contact our experts today to find the right ingredient for your needs.

Our range of sweeteners

Whether you need to deliver classic ketchup that cuts calories, indulgent dairy with less sugar, or delicious drinks and confectionery that calorie-conscious consumers will love, Ingredion has the right sweetener solution.

Our experienced team can help you find the right sweetener solution for your application, with a holistic approach to recipe formulation that takes all your business objectives into account.

Discover our range of innovative sweeteners..


Meet the growing demand for great-tasting low-sugar and calorie-reduced products with ENLITEN® 300000 stevia sweetener.


Create reduced sugar products, without compromising on the sweetness and indulgent sensory experience that consumers love, with ERYSTA® Erythritol sweetener.

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