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Create delicious convenience with starches

At Ingredion, we believe that starches are some of the most flexible and essential ingredients in the world. Our broad range of naturally derived solutions can make your foods and beverages stand out in the market for all the right reasons.

Starches are can-do ingredients, delivering thickening and binding, freeze-thaw stability, reduced costs and much more. We’ll choose the right starch for you, whether it’s modified for top-notch performance or naturally functional to match your label needs (and still shine in functionality). Offer clean and simple labels, boost nutrition or improve the sensory experience of your products. Together, we can achieve functionalities you never thought possible. Explore our starch solutions today.  

Where clean labels signal quality

What if you could get all the functionality you seek from your food products while offering the natural, organic and recognisable ingredient options consumers want? When you work with Ingredion, you can. Choose from our range of functional native starches that offer textural qualities and processing stability with the significant benefit of clean labels—even in challenging applications like dairy desserts, salad dressings and many more.

For example, our NOVATION® line of functional starches appears on labels as “maize starch,” a familiar, trusted ingredient—and also includes certified organic. These signature ingredients deliver the processing and stability benefits of traditional modified starches with the advantage of a simple, consumer-friendly label.

You’ll be amazed at what these starches can do. Consumers will pick up your products time and time again as they contain recognisable ingredients.. Create delicious nature-based products with simple appeal. Innovate with us.

Unmatched functionality. Based in nature.

When food scientists found  out how to modify starch to get it to thicken pie fillings and keep canned soups hearty and rich, they knew they were on to something. Modified starches opened up a whole way of life that continues  today, with busy families seeking convenience and great-tasting meals and snacks, on the table or on the go.  You can rely on our broad portfolio of starches to make Monday night’s special for families, with frozen lasagne for a crowd, or that crunchy, fresh-tasting Chinese  meal for one. Add velvety mouthfeel, glossy sheen, freeze-thaw stability and much more. Our modified starches deliver exceptional functionality across all of your applications. 


Simpler starches for cleaner labels

It doesn’t get much simpler than native starches. Ideal for use in less demanding applications, they help you cook up satisfying textures and bright flavours. Or add body and thickness to your foods. Our plant-based native starches offer many of the performance qualities you need, with simple label declarations


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Achieve functionalities you never thought possible with our starch solutions.

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