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CORAGUM® additives and resins

Our CORAGUM® product range provides the highest standard of additives and resins in order for your product to achieve the optimum performance required for minimum applications costs. 

Why choose CORAGUM® performance resins?

CORAGUM performance resins can allow you to maximise, optimise and improve a number of things to allow you to find the solution you need

  • ​Maxi​mise water resistance
  • Maximise production speed
  • Minimise application cost
  • Lower waste
  • Optimise consumption
  • Minimise additional water
  • Improve bonding strength
  • Environmentally friendly

Our team of experts are at hand to discuss your requirements and help you select the right products to achieve your desired results.


Achieve essential productivity improvements while still delivering superior corrugated products

Performance resins and additives to help you achieve improved operational efficiency and product quality 

Discover our range of CORAGUM® performance additives and resins

CORAGUM® PA-15 - 18222100

CORAGUM® PA 15 is a performance additive that can be dosed directly into the adhesive so the addition rate is controlled. Request your sample today
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