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All the ingredients of innovation

In the hands of our experts, materials harvested from nature are transformed to solve product formulation challenges across a wide range of industries. Our solutions toolbox contains both the familiar and exotic core materials of maize, potato, tapioca, rice, sago, wheat, sugar, stevia, quillaia, pulses and lactose. We apply three key processes to create new ingredients that make your products perform exactly as you wish.

  • Physical modification
  • Chemical modification
  • Enzyme modification

Partnering with nature

Consider pure and simple ingredients from nature. How can a leaf deliver sweetness? What intrinsic power of plant starch makes it thicken liquids and lighten solids? We help you do more with these ingredients than ever—to satisfy consumers who seek a connection to nature in the things they eat, drink, lather in their hair, smooth on their skin or use in their homes.

We have been propelling clean label innovation for more than 20 years with our NOVATION® functional native starches—bringing you great textures and the processing benefits of traditional modified starches.

Today you have more ways to make simple into simply delicious. Our new line of pulse proteins and flours enables you to create protein- and fibre-rich products that are vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free.

Another example of a simple ingredient at work is quillaia extract, from which we developed our high-efficiency Q-NATURALE® emulsifier. Quillaja emulsifiers function differently from standard emulsifiers used in the beverage industry, allowing higher flavour oil loads, elimination of weighting agents and manufacturing efficiencies. We call it “nature’s perfect emulsifier".

With more than 100 years of experience and a relentless passion for discovery, we invite you to join us in using our expanding portfolio of clean and simple ingredients to improve quality of life—one great product at a time.

Deliciousness starts here

Create differentiated and delicious food and beverage experiences. 

Ingredients from nature enrich your products.

Starch - Functional, Modified & Native Starches | Ingredion EMEA

From functional starches, native starches to modified starches, contact Ingredion EMEA today to achieve functionalities with our wide range starch solutions
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Flours & Pulse Functional Flours | Ingredion EMEA

Ingredion EMEA portfolio of flours helps maintain nutritional benefits and flavours crucial to the success of your products. Request a sample today
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Pulses Protein & Flours | Ingredion EMEA

Our new line of pulse proteins and flours meets growing consumer trends, including nutrition, clean-label and gluten-free. Contact Ingredion EMEA today
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Extracts & Foaming Agents | Ingredion EMEA

Our nature-based extracts distil the unique properties of plants to make your products. Contact Ingredion EMEA today to find out how we can help
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Sweeteners - Dextrose & Stevia | Ingredion EMEA

Ingredion EMEA offers sweetness solutions that deliver sugar-like taste profiles with fewer calories and simple labels. Get in touch to find out more
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Oligosaccharides & Prebiotics | Ingredion EMEA

Our ingredients are proven to produce an oligosaccharide profile close to that of human milk. Count on Ingredion EMEA for pure prebiotic solutions.
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Protein - Plant & Vegetable Based Proteins | Ingredion EMEA

Our plant-based, vegetable proteins are cost optimised and support vegan and gluten-free labels. Contact Ingredion EMEA today and ask about our range of proteins
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Fibre & High Fibre Food | Ingredion EMEA

For a wide range of proven fibre solutions and foods high in fibre, talk to our experts at Ingredion EMEA today.
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Emulsifiers & Encapsulants | Ingredion EMEA

Protect the benefits of your products with our diverse portfolio emulsifiers & encapsulants. Contact Ingredion EMEA today to find out how we can help
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