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Turning trends into advantages

Consumers are looking at your products through a sharply focused lens. “Which cereal bar is lower in sugar so I can cut calories?” “Which hair conditioner is made from natural ingredients with no chemical-sounding additives?” “Who makes affordable gluten-free, protein-enriched bread that looks great, feels fresh and tastes delicious?” Their answers and decisions reflect the broad trends that drive your business and the benefits consumers are looking for.

As you seek to address today’s trends with new or reformulated products, you need to evaluate new ingredients, technology advances and potential ways to save money. Ingredion helps you with all three, solving your challenges with fresh ideas and solutions for products your consumers will try, trust and love.

At Ingredion, we are deeply immersed in current and emerging consumer needs and understand how to answer them. That’s why we have organised our offerings around the macro trends in the areas of:

  • Health and nutrition by adding or removing ingredients
  • Simpler, minimally processed products with clean labels
  • Enhanced sensory experiences in what people eat, drink or use in daily life
  • Affordability of products and the ingredients and processes used to make them
  • Convenience and performance, including stability, processability and sustainability

At Ingredion Idea Labs™ innovation centres, we invest in consumer insights, applied research and innovation capabilities such as formulation knowhow, CULINOLOGY® services and advanced process technologies. That means we can help you develop such foods as  sugar-reduced beverages with great mouthfeel  or reduced fat Greek style yoghurt which retains its indulgent, creamy texture.We can help you replace petroleum materials to create bioplastics with great environmental and cost credentials as well as improve the softness and strength of your facial tissues.

Whatever the challenge or opportunity, you can translate consumer needs into on-trend marketplace success stories when you collaborate with Ingredion.

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Clean and Simple

Making clean and simple a way of life

Health and nutrition

Explore our new nutrition plus and nutrition minus product solutions

Sensory experience

Set new standards of delight in the minds of your consumers.


Differentiate your products, with affordability in mind

Convenience and performance

We help you answer the need for performance
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