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Achieve essential productivity improvements while still delivering superior corrugated products

CORAGUM® performance resins and additives help you achieve improved operational efficiency and product quality 

The corrugating industry is highly competitive. Machine speeds continue to increase in the ongoing quest for improved productivity and lower costs. At the same time, increasing environmental awareness amongst consumers has led to the introduction of more environmentally responsible, but more challenging, substrates. And on top of all that, customers still expect innovation and consistent, high quality finishes.

Improve operational efficiency
Ingredion’s CORAGUM® performance resins and additives have been specially formulated to help you improve operational efficiency and produce superior quality products, whatever the substrate. Use CORAGUM® products in conjunction with corrugating starches to:

  • Improve productivity
  • Save money
  • Improve waterproofing and resistance
  • Reduce warp and delamination
  • Improve your environmental performance

Optimise your operations and products to deliver the benefits you want
CORAGUM® products allow you to optimise your operations and products to achieve the specific benefits and properties you want. They enable you to:

  • Maximise water resistance
  • Maximise production speed
  • Minimise application cost
  • Reduce waste
  • Optimise consumption
  • Minimise additional water
  • Improve bonding strength
  • Improve environmental performance

Solutions to help you meet your operational and product objectives

The comprehensive range of CORAGUM® performance resins and additives provides you with the flexibility to optimise your corrugating lines to achieve specific operational and product benefits. Read on to learn how our individual CORAGUM® products help you meet your objectives.

The CORAGUM® range has products to meet all your waterproofing and resistance requirements:

  • CORAGUM® WP-50 offers thermal cross-linking resins to increase water resistance of the glue-line. It meets the needs of WPA grades (full FEFCO No. 9 test).

The CORAGUM® range can deliver significant increases to your production speeds:

  • CORAGUM® PA-15 improves machine speed through improved green bonding on high performance and speciality coated papers and improved bonding and speed on double and triple wall boards. It can boost the production speed of high performance liners by 20%.

CORAGUM® products can help you save money in a variety of ways.

  • CORAGUM® WP-50 helps you save money through lower addition rates, increased productivity and reduced waste.
  • CORAGUM® PA-15 helps you save money by reducing waste due to board warp and delamination.

CORAGUM® can reduce board warp and delamination of your products:

  • CORAGUM® PA-15 delivers improved bonding, which reduces board warp and delamination.

CORAGUM® products can help your business become more environmentally responsible, boosting your green credentials and your corporate reputation:

  • CORAGUM® WP-50 has undetectable VOC and is free from formaldehyde, eliminating a potential hazard for employees and consumers.
  • CORAGUM® WP-50 and CORAGUM® PA-15 can bond recycled paper, helping reduce the use of virgin paper and the amount of material going to landfill, and also helping your customers position themselves as environmentally responsible.

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