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Developing savoury snacks and crackers with a difference

Ingredion can help you keep up with the growing snack market

Consumers are increasingly demanding and exploring snacks and specifically, healthy snacks. To retain a competitive edge in this fast-evolving marketplace, it is essential to offer attractively priced, good quality and healthy products. If you’re looking to fast-track innovation and tap into the long-term trends of convenience, clean label and health and wellness, we are the perfect partner.

At Ingredion, we produce a range of speciality starch and flour-based ingredients for savoury snacks, such as potato snacks, vegetable snacks, nuts and snack mixes. We can help you from concept to ingredient selection and from scale-up to consumer validation. Our chefs and technical experts work hand- in- glove with you, because that’s what it takes to find the delicious balance. 

Reduce costs by creating smart savings and efficiency gains in your crisps and chips and without compromising on consumer appeal with:

  • PRECISA® Crisp 150 is a general texturising agent which reduces your snacks breakage and allows you to tap into the thin and crispy baked snacks trend.
  • DRY-TACKTM 250 E starch is a revolutionary hot melt food adhesive which can be used as a dry powder to adhere seasonings to snacks without the use of oil or water.

Add a front of pack claim for ‘source of protein’ or ‘high in protein’ for crackers, savoury snacks, cereal bars or luxury breakfast cereal and muesli with:

  • VITESSENCE™ pulse proteins which contain 50-60% protein are derived from pea and faba beans (commonly known also as broad beans in the UK). Highly nutritious, vegan and gluten free, our pulse proteins can boost the nutritional profile of your products.

Add a front-of-pack claim for increased fibre content in your savoury snacks, cereal bars, luxury breakfast cereals and muesli with:

  • HI-MAIZE® 260 - resistant starch is an ‘invisible’ high fibre that can help improve the nutritional composition of cereal based foods without impacting processability and the overall consumer appeal.​​
  • SUSTAGRAIN® wholegrain barley flakes and flour.  SUSTAGRAIN® provides 3 times more fibre and ß-glucan to your products compared to wholegrain oats.

Add a front-of-pack claim for cholesterol reduction with:

  • SUSTAGRAIN® wholegrain barley flakes and flour. SUSTAGRAIN® provides 3 times more fibre and ß-glucan to your products (versus wholegrain oats).
Gluten-free is growing. Replace wheat with our gluten-free ingredients to create delicious solutions gluten-free foods. Choose from:
  • HOMECRAFT® - pulse flours can improve the nutrition, taste, colour and texture of your end products.
  • ULTRA Crisp™ CS waxy maize starch is suitable for use in cereals, baked crackers and a variety of snack items where expansion and a crispy texture are desired.
  • PRECISA™ Crisp 38 provides a good expansion and light and crispy texture to baked sheeted snacks and coated nuts. This clean label starch allows you to design the texture of your snacks to meet consumer preferences.


Creating differentiated texture in snacks to help stand out from the competition with:

  • CRYSTAL TEX® dextrins add crispiness to low moisture applications, such as crackers and coated nuts.
  • BAKA-SNAK® E starch is a pregelatinised food starch designed to act as a texturising agent for a wide range of snacks with excellent expansion properties and a light and crispy texture.
  • PRECISA® CRISP 150 starch is a pregelatinised food starch designed to act as a texturising agent to add more crispiness and crunchiness in a wide range of snacks.
  • PRECISA® CRISP 38 is an instant waxy maize starch that provides a light and crispy texture to baked sheeted snacks. Labelled as maize starch, it allows snack manufacturers to design the texture of their snacks to meet consumer preferences. 

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