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Tasty textures with that extra crunch

Achieve the perfect crunch 

Consumers are more demanding than ever, so getting to market with the perfect coating system that provides the right texture, appearance and eating quality at the right price is key. Consumers need for convenience and the rise in high quality food service products push those demands further.

Combining different ingredients can take your product to a whole new dimension. Coating systems are complex and there are many challenges facing coating manufacturers including adhesion, shelf life, heat lamp stability, consumer re-constitution considerations and nutritional requirements.

If you’re looking to fast-track innovation on solutions for different consumer preferences - Ingredion can help you balance your priorities.

We produce a wide range of speciality starch and flour-based ingredients which can be used to produce exciting and delicious coating systems. Each ingredient plays a unique and complementary role to deliver the perfect texture. From adhesion starches for use in pre-dusts or dip batters through to clear coats for fries, tempura style batters to traditional fish batters.

We can help you from concept to ingredient selection, pilot plant to factory scale-up and finally to consumer validation. Our chefs and technical experts work hand in glove with you because that’s what it takes to achieve the delicious balance.

Achieve a uniform coating and control/eliminate batter “blow-off” whilst reducing losses and achieving the optimal adhesion of breading’s to enhance the appearance with:

  • BATTERBIND® S  is a speciality starch that improves the adhesion of batters and breading to a substrate. It is a modified food starch derived from corn which is often used in batters to provide good adhesion of the coating to meat, poultry or seafood products. In fried or baked products, BATTERBIND® S can improve colour and flavour, crispiness, and reduce blistering on the surface.

Control moisture through the frying process to achieve the perfect texture with: 

  • HOMECRAFT® create 730 flour is a functional flour derived from wheat. It is a versatile thickener and stabilizer, especially applicable in food systems where tolerance to heat and shear is required. The product is ideal for applications in which a natural, home-style appearance is desire, as it lends the opacity, texture and flavour balance typical of a flour. It can be used in a variety of battered or breaded products.  
  • HOMECRAFT® pulse 3103 flour contains very fine-particle gluten-free flours, made from faba bean. These flours have the highest starch content of the range, which makes them the best choice for texture improvement in batter products.

Create an improved appearance with uniform coating that is crunchy on the outside and succulent on the inside with:

  • HYLON™ VII PCR starch is a high amylose food starch designed to give added crispness and to control surface characteristics in batters and breaded applications. HYLON VII™ helps to control surface properties and expansion. 
  • CRISP FILM starch offers unique starch structures to enhance crispness and reduce oil pick-up. It exhibits good film-forming characteristics and acts as a protective barrier when used as a coating for fried foods. These same characteristics also help in reducing oil pickup, increasing product crispiness and reducing moisture loss in deep fat fried (battered and breaded) foods. CRISP FILM™ is commonly used to impart internal bonding strength and texture for formed potato, meat, and vegetable products. CRISP FILM is easier to functionalise than other high amylose starches.

Achieve a superior texture with an appealing golden colouring whilst increasing shelf-life, ideal for fried and oven baked goods with:

  • NOVATION® Indulge 3920 starch is the perfect clean label instant starch solution for adding indulgence to, or reducing fat in recipes without compromising the consumer appeal or texture. This product is suitable for a broad range of applications. 

Add valuable nutritional values to your products whilst increasing consumer appeal through a delicious golden appearance with:

  • VITESSENCE™ pulse proteins enable manufacturers of to boost protein content and help ready meal manufactures to create healthy alternatives to meat products
  • HOMECRAFT® pulse flours enable manfuacturers to enrich their products with protein whilst also improving the texture of batters.
  • HI-MAIZE® 260 an ‘invisible’ high fibre, resistant starch that can help improve the nutritional composition of everyday foods without impacting the overall consumer appeal.
  • SUSTAGRAIN® wholegrain barley flakes and flour offers 3 times more fibre and ß-glucan to your products (vs. wholegrain oats). Capitalise on approved health claims for cholesterol reduction, blood sugar maintenance and digestive transit improvements. 

Maintain the suspension of your ingredients within the batter system throughout the production process with:

  • ULTRA-TEX® 3 starch is a high performance cold water swelling modified food starch derived from tapioca. It provides a very smooth, short, and glossy texture in a range of instant food applications. It also imparts a rich creamy mouthfeel while possessing a very neutral flavour profile. 


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