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New report reveals consumers want nutritious and delicious food

News Date : 02/28/2018

Nutritional claims having a negative impact on food quality and freshness

New research shows consumers across EMEA want the food and drinks industry to focus on developing healthier, more nutritious food with 60% of respondents saying they feel this should be manufacturers’ top priority. However, consumers made it clear that the food industry must ensure that food quality and freshness is not sacrificed as a result. 

Alongside continued general interest in health and wellbeing, burgeoning dietary and lifestyle choices such as veganism, gluten-free and dairy-free are becoming increasingly mainstream. This means that manufacturers are under pressure to develop and deliver their products to market more quickly.

The increase in health claims has had a negative impact on the quality of food and drink, according to 71% of consumers. They feel that the eating experience of products positioned as ‘healthy’ is failing to live up to both label claims and their expectations. This indicates that while clean label has brought about a positive response in terms of ingredient and label transparency, it may have been achieved at the expense of overall product quality.

Mona Schmitz-Hübsch, Marketing Manager at Ingredion EMEA, explains; “This research is a real wake-up call for our industry. While consumers are clear on where manufacturers should focus their future formulation efforts, such as making products healthier, at the same time the message coming through is that as an industry we need to do better when it comes to successfully combining nutrition with quality, taste and texture. Consumers are discerning and they are challenging us to develop recipes and reformulations that deliver a satisfactory balance between functional and sensory performance."

“Interestingly, nearly half of people questioned would pay more for a similar but healthier product, so this is a positive opportunity for food and beverage producers. We also know that dietary needs and choices that were once considered niche, such as veganism and lactose-free, are becoming more commonplace. However, formulating these types of product can be more complex as it may involve the replacement or removal of ingredients which can impact taste, texture and appearance. With the right functional expertise and ingredient knowledge, manufacturers can balance the urgency to get healthy products to market without sacrificing the high-quality eating experience consumers want.”

To help manufacturers stay up-to-date with evolving ingredient functionality and application suitability, Ingredion has produced a number of healthy recipe prototypes that cater to both every day and special diets, and allow the creation of nutritionally-enhanced, vegan, gluten and lactose-free foods and beverages. These recipes illustrate successful formulations for on-trend and nutritious products and can be downloaded within three food diaries.

Schmitz-Hübsch continues; “Our aim with these recipe prototypes is to help manufacturers understand the growing functional capability of speciality ingredients. We’ve created three personalities to show how the recipes fit into today’s lifestyles and also highlighted the nutritional content and the claims that they support. This food diary approach is designed to make it easy for food and drink manufacturers to see the range of application possibilities that can now be achieved using functional ingredients."

“Consumers are increasingly aware that products with ‘low fat’ and ‘gluten-free’ claims may not necessarily have better nutritional values. These recipe prototypes demonstrate that by using the right ingredients, such as those derived from pulses, manufacturers can create high-quality and nutritious alternatives.”

The recipe prototypes and lifestyle information can be found in full from the Ingredion’s Health and Nutrition page.

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New report reveals consumers want nutritious and delicious food
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