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Ingredion launches VITESSENCE® Pulse Proteins to enhance nutritional value of food

Ingredion has launched a range of pulse-based proteins called VITESSENCE® pulse proteins. Learn more about how they can improve your product today

News Date : 03/09/2015

To enable manufacturers and retailers to meet the growing consumer demand for protein-enriched foods, Ingredion has launched a range of pulse-based proteins called VITESSENCE® pulse proteins. The range features three new proteins which contain 55-60% and are derived from faba bean, yellow lentil and yellow pea.

Naturally gluten-free and based on plant protein, they can be used to enrich a wide range of new and differentiated products such as baked goods, snacks, cereals and meat substitutes. For consumers who aim to reduce their meat consumption, pulse proteins provide a good alternative source of protein. 

Mona Rademacher, European Marketing Manager Wholesome and Bakery at Ingredion, said:

“With conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and obesity constantly hitting mainstream headlines, an increasing number of health conscious consumers are looking for highly nutritious foods. Naturally high in protein, pulses have long been considered ‘health foods’ by consumers, as they meet a number of key attributes consumers and brands are looking for from their food. In fact, the number of new products launched across Europe containing pea protein has increased significantly over recent years.”

Mona continued: “As well as meeting the growing trend for gluten-free products Ingredion’s new VITESSENCE® pulse protein concentrates enable manufacturers to add nutritional claims such as ‘source of protein’ and ‘high in protein’ to their products. Our pulse proteins can be labelled simply as ‘faba bean protein’ or ‘lentil protein’ or ‘pea protein’ which supports manufacturers and retailers on-going drive for clean label."

Working with leading supplier of pulses, AGT Foods, Ingredion is able to deliver high quality ingredients with excellent batch-to-batch consistency.

With 20 years’ experience in clean-label formulations, Ingredion’s technical experts and culinologists are able to incorporate proteins into existing and new product recipes to create attractive, protein enriched and clean label products.

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Ingredion launches VITESSENCE® Pulse Proteins to enhance nutritional value of food

VITESSENCE® Pulse proteins

Meet the demand for protein-enriched, delicious foods with pulse proteins

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