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New beverage emulsifier reduces costs without compromising mouthfeel

News Date : 08/08/2017

Ingredion has launched a new emulsifying starch for beverages and table sauces that disperses up to four times quicker than other emulsifiers without any effect on texture stability over shelf life. The N-CREAMER® 2111 starch helps manufacturers to shorten the production process and significantly reduce costs by as much as 30%*.

The new starch is particularly well-suited to low viscosity formulations such as beverages and table sauces with high oil content. The emulsifying starch encapsulates, evenly distributes and stabilizes sensitive ingredients evenly such as flavours, colours and nutrients without thickening the sauce or drink. This prevents separation across a broad range of pH levels and temperatures to deliver excellent texture stability over shelf-life.

“Whether it’s a salad dressing, or a coloured and flavoured drink, dispersing and stabilising more than one ingredient and avoiding additional viscosity or separation is a real challenge for formulators”, explains Helen Cray, Marketing Manager, EMEA at Ingredion. “Oils in particular can have a significant effect on the stability of a beverage or sauce, so it’s important the right emulsifier is identified."

“We have developed the N-CREAMER® 2111 starch, to act as a cost-effective emulsifier that equally disperses substances throughout the liquid, to deliver highly stable emulsions that maintain stability across shelf life and ensure maximum consumer appeal. Tests across several products revealed that N-CREAMER® 2111 has excellent dispersibility in comparison to other emulsifying starches. The faster hydration results in a shorter manufacturing process and lower cost in use while adding no additional viscosity.”

With extensive formulation expertise, Ingredion’s team of technical experts and culinologists can help manufacturers develop innovative, new textures and products tailored to consumer preference. From recipe reformulations to processing advice, Ingredion has the right blend of skills, knowledge and food loving culture to help manufacturers develop their end products to meets the high standards consumers have come to expect.

*The actual reduction in production costs depends on the specific application and use, and so may vary from 30%.

About Ingredion

Ingredion Incorporated (NYSE: INGR) is a leading global ingredient solutions provider. We turn grains, fruits, vegetables and other plant materials into value-added ingredients and biomaterial solutions for the food, beverage, paper and corrugating, brewing and other industries. Serving customers in over 100 countries, our ingredients make crackers crunchy, yoghurts creamy, candy sweet, paper stronger and add fibre to nutrition bars. The main trading companies within the EMEA region are Ingredion UK Limited, Ingredion Germany GmbH and Ingredion South Africa Pty Limited. 

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New beverage emulsifier reduces costs without compromising mouthfeel


Save time and increase production capacity with this emulsifying starch.

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