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Ingredion’s world-first multifunctional rice flours launch in EMEA

News Date : 10/11/2017

HOMECRAFT® Create 835 / 865 are the first multifunctional rice flours to come to market

Ingredion has launched two multifunctional rice flours, HOMECRAFT® Create 835 and 865, as part of its expanding rice ingredients portfolio. These unique rice flours can enable food manufacturers to achieve the same range of functionalities as functional native starches, including process tolerance and texture stability, whilst carrying the ultimate consumer friendly ‘rice flour’ label.

The new rice flours are designed to suit even the most challenging of applications, including soups and sauces. Alongside a clean label listing, they also support both a gluten-free and a natural positioning. The medium and high process tolerance is unique to the HOMECRAFT® Create 835 and 865 rice flours, presenting new opportunities for food manufacturers. They provide scope to formulate and manufacture clean label products that are consumer-friendly, such as creamy soups or low-fat and gluten-free sauces with an authentic texture.

Although these multifunctional rice flours do not gel, they can deliver superior texture stability over shelf life. The unique creamy texture and neutral flavour profile they deliver add to the versatility of this ingredient across a variety of applications, such as savoury soups, sauces and ready meals.

Janin Zippel, Product Manager, Pulses and Rice at Ingredion EMEA, explains: “With our clean label heritage, we are fully aware of the ongoing scrutiny of food labels by consumers. We know they want recognisable ingredients and you can’t get much more familiar than rice and flour, so it made sense to expand our existing NOVATION® rice starches by developing a range of complementary rice flours.”

“We are particularly excited about how these flours extend clean label opportunities into new areas by combining superior texture stability over shelf life with the ability to withstand tough processing conditions, including high-shear. Their unique properties allow manufacturers to develop gluten-free sauces with an authentic texture and mouthfeel. The flours may also enable the removal of fat, therefore boosting a products’ nutritional profile to meet consumer preference.”

“Ingredion Research shows that rice flour outranks wheat flour and cornflour as a consumer- preferred ingredient. It is this unique combination of acceptability and functionality that make HOMECRAFT® Create flours such a versatile ingredient for our industry.”

New proprietary research* reveals that there is already high awareness of using rice as an ingredient among consumers. Overall, 51% of those surveyed are familiar with its addition to food products such as bread, soups and sauces. It is perceived as a natural, healthy ingredient and as a ‘good’ carbohydrate that provides long-lasting energy. 78% of consumers accept rice flour in soups, sauces and ready meals. No other tested texturiser ranked higher3.

HOMECRAFT® Create 835 and 865 are multifunctional flours that provide excellent texture stability over shelf life in demanding applications such as soups, sauces or ready meals. Their small granule size and organoleptic properties provide a creamy texture. In addition, they provide improved wheat flour-like opacity in gluten-free, low-fat and low-protein applications, such as soups and sauces. Their neutral flavour profile supports flavour release in food products.

Janin continued; “Consumer awareness of what goes into food and how it is produced is growing. These multifunctional rice flours mean that applications that were previously unable to benefit from a ‘rice flour’ listing, such as soups and sauces which undergo demanding processing conditions, are now able to do so. Perceptions of the flours as healthy, natural ingredients, alongside their gluten-free properties, mean they are particularly well-aligned to today’s consumer food trends.”

“We have drawn on our existing clean label expertise to develop new rice-based products that both meet the needs of manufacturers in terms of recipe formulation and ease of processing and those of consumers seeking familiar and healthy ingredients.”

Find out more about the properties and applications of Ingredion’s rice flours and starches view the product range page here.


*all figures refer to research carried out for Ingredion between February – March 2017 among 800 European consumers across the UK, France, Germany and Spain as well as research carried out in March 2017 among 3946 consumers in 13 European countries.




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Ingredion’s world-first multifunctional rice flours launch in EMEA
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