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Ingredion introduces process-stable tapioca flours that contribute to a clean label

News Date : 09/19/2017

HOMECRAFT® Create multifunctional tapioca flours offer superior viscosity, shelf life stability, flavour release and texture

Food scientists at Ingredion Incorporated’s global Idea Labs™ network of innovation centres today announced the launch of HOMECRAFT® Create multifunctional tapioca flours. The new range of ingredients emerges as a milestone in more than two decades of research dedicated to understanding the role tapioca can play in clean-label applications.

HOMECRAFT Create multifunctional tapioca flours couple a clean ‘tapioca flour’ label with the functionality of a modified starch. The full range of flours is adapted to suit a variety of production processes, offering tolerance and stability advantages while at the same time helping manufacturers achieve indulgent dairy products and smooth sauces, puddings and custards. 

The flours provide exceptional flavour release and enhanced, creamy textures that allow food manufacturers to reduce fat content and improve nutrition profiles. At the same time, the range of ingredients delivers higher viscosity than clean label starches in some applications, offering opportunities for cost savings.  

HOMECRAFT Create multifunctional tapioca flours support gluten-free claims, aligning with consumer-driven trends reshaping labels around the globe. The number of new products formulated globally with tapioca flours has seen a 38 percent compound annual growth rate since 2012, according to research firm Mintel.

Ingredion conducted proprietary consumer research in 26 countries, assessing consumer preferences regarding functional texturisers and stabilisers. Consumers across all regions prefer a 'flour' label, presenting an opportunity for tapioca flour.

“Flours are highly recognised and also have a superior degree of acceptance, given their association with minimal processing, which consumers perceive to be healthy,” says Dan Haley, director of the global Wholesome Springboard at Ingredion. “The challenge for food manufacturers has been to formulate with flour without compromising flavour, texture, appearance and a gluten-free positioning. HOMECRAFT Create tapioca flours help manufacturers overcome this challenge in a wide array of applications.”  

Consumer research in EMEA reveals a preference for ‘flour’ labels. “Our recent study shows that flours are recognised, trusted and preferred by consumers,” explains Davy Luyten, marketing manager in the region. “Acting on this insight could give manufacturers the competitive edge they need to differentiate their dairy, meat, bread, snacks and baby food products. With 76 percent of European consumers placing importance on recognisable ingredients, we anticipate strong interest in our new HOMECRAFT Create multifunctional tapioca flours.”

ABOUT HOMECRAFT® Create multi-functional tapioca flours

HOMECRAFT Create multifunctional tapioca flours represent the expansion of the clean-and-simple HOMECRAFT Create line of flours. The product, when compared to other clean label starches and flours, delivers enhanced texture stability over shelf life and freeze/thaw performance. Applications testing has shown that the gluten-free HOMECRAFT Create range of tapioca flours enhances formulations of yogurts, soups and sauces, dairy and alternative dairy drinks and desserts, fruit preparations, dressings and baby foods. 

To learn more about HOMECRAFT Create multi-functional tapioca flours and other solutions developed at Ingredion’s Idea Labs™ innovation centres, visit the tapioca flour range page here.

About Ingredion

Ingredion Incorporated (NYSE: INGR) is a leading global ingredient solutions provider. We turn grains, fruits, vegetables and other plant materials into value-added ingredients and biomaterial solutions for the food, beverage, paper and corrugating, brewing and other industries. Serving customers in over 100 countries, our ingredients make crackers crunchy, yoghurts creamy, candy sweet, paper stronger and add fibre to nutrition bars. The main trading companies within the EMEA region are Ingredion UK Limited, Ingredion Germany GmbH and Ingredion South Africa Pty Limited. 

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Ingredion introduces process-stable tapioca flours that contribute to a clean label
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