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Ingredion to showcase protein-fortified snack at Food Matters Live 2016

News Date : 11/17/2016

Demonstrating how manufacturers can meet the growing consumer demand for delicious and nutritious snacks, Ingredion is inviting visitors to this year's Food Matters Live to taste a high in protein savoury snack.

Ingredion's CULINOLOGY team developed the protein-enriched light curry broccoli and almond bite incorporating speciality ingredients from its range of pulse-based proteins and flours.

Naturally high in protein and gluten-free, the HOMECRAFT® Pulse 3103 flour and VITESSENCE® Pulse 3600 protein concentrate are both derived from faba bean. Listed simply as pulse protein or pulse flour on the ingredients list, they are a recognisable kitchen cupboard ingredient, which supports manufacturers and retailers ongoing drive for clean label.

Alan MacDougall, Regional Sales Manager UK and Ireland, Ingredion commented: "The health-conscious, convenience seeking consumer is here to stay for 2017 and beyond. Products carrying a protein or fibre claim, which are perceived to improve consumers' overall health and well-being, continue to dominate the supermarket shelves. It's important to note, however, that while consumers continue to show an increasing appetite for products that carry a health message, they don't want to compromise on taste and texture.

With pulse-based ingredients, manufacturers can differentiate their products and develop new and nutritious foods that tell a great food story whilst also being clean label. From enhancing texture in products, such as crispiness in cereals and snacks, to improving and diversifying colour in batters and breadings, the varied functionality of pulse proteins and flours and their ease of use in the processing environment make them an attractive option for manufacturers," he added.

For example, with Ingredion's HOMECRAFT® pulse flours, manufacturers can produce exciting new products such as gluten-free snacks, breads and pastas and have the opportunity to add "source of protein" claims to products, such as crackers. Whilst its VITESSENCE pulse proteins, which are ideal for baked goods, snacks and meat analogues, enable manufacturers to achieve "high in protein" claims.

Alan added: "Ideal for the on-the-go, time poor consumer, we have developed the new high protein savoury snack bite prototype to show how food science and culinary arts come together to create not only healthier recipes, but ones that meet special dietary requirements without compromising taste or texture."

Ingredion'ss light curry broccoli and almond bite will include:

  • HOMECRAFT® Pulse 3103 fine gluten-free flour from faba bean that provides good expansion and a crispy texture to a variety of savoury snacks, contains a minimum of 14% protein
  • VITESSENCE® Pulse 3600 faba bean protein concentrate, contains a minimum of 60% protein in dry matter.

To find out more about Ingredion's solutions and how they can help on the Quest for the Delicious Balance, please visit experts on stand 90 at Food Matters Live.

About Ingredion

Ingredion Incorporated (NYSE: INGR) is a leading global ingredient solutions provider. We turn corn, tapioca, potatoes and other vegetables and fruits into value-added ingredients and biomaterial solutions for the food, beverage, paper and corrugating, brewing and other industries. Serving customers in over 100 countries, our ingredients make yoghurts creamy, candy sweet, paper stronger and face creams silky. The main trading companies within the EMEA region are Ingredion UK Limited, Ingredion Germany GmbH and Ingredion South Africa Pty Limited. 

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Ingredion to showcase protein-fortified snack at Food Matters Live 2016

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