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Eating styles - you are how you eat

How consumer eating styles affect purchasing decisions

Individuals fall into one of four eating styles - crunchers, chewers, smooshers or suckers* – according to our research into consumer texture preferences.

The latest consumer research carried out by Ingredion, is based on extensive surveys and workshops with consumers across the globe. It builds on our understanding of consumer behaviour and the company’s 60+ years of experience and expertise in texture.

We have extended the discovery of four ‘Mouth Behaviours’ by Understanding and Insight Group (U & I) to include emotional drivers, consumer research and other sensory analysis to define four different ‘eating styles’.

By understanding each eating style, food companies can create more tailored products for each group so they can be more appealing on store shelves and repeat purchase.

Take a look at our report, workshop videos, and other resources to find out more.

Download our resources today to keep up to date with the latest consumer eating style trends.


Keep up to date with the latest sensory experience challenges

We make it our business to understand what consumers around the world want in their products. We focus our development activity on research which relates directly to consumer insights. Download our resources today.

It’s not just taste and texture that’s important to consumers, it’s the whole sensory experience. Find out how eating a simple crisp affects the senses. 

To understand how a smoosher differs from a sucker*, and how eating styles affect what we eat, check out our Flickbook. 

What’s your eating style – a cruncher, a chewer or a ‘smoosher’*?  Watch the video's here to discover which style you fit into.

Discover new insights into consumer texture preferences. Read about 4 different eating styles in our new research-based report.

This infographic on eating styles will help you understand consumer preference for food in a whole new way.

Improve your products and front-of-pack messaging by understanding the 4 eating styles in our interactive Webinar.

*Understanding powered by JBMB®Typing Tool   

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