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VITESSENCE™ Pulse CT 1552 Pea Protein

VITESSENCE™ Pulse CT 1552 is a clean taste yellow pea protein concentrate, consisting of 55% protein. They enable manufacturers of bakery, cereals, snacks or pasta products to boost protein content and help ready meal manufacturers to create healthy alternatives to meat products. Owing to the clean flavour profile, a higher volume can be used during formulation.

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VITESSENCE™ Pulse proteins

Derived from pea, lentil and faba beans (commonly known also as broad beans) VITESSENCE™ Pulse protein concentrates allow you to create products which can be labelled ‘source of protein’ or ‘high in protein’. Ideal to enrich high-moisture applications, such as dairy, beverages, nutritional mixes and smoothies, VITESSENCE™ Pulse proteins are clean label and gluten-free.

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