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In infant nutrition, you can count on Ingredion’s 20 years of experience providing oligosaccharides in the Asian market and worldwide today. Our high-quality BIOLIGO™ GL IMF GOS ingredients are proven to produce an oligosaccharide profile close to that of human milk.

We’re innovating in, fibres and other areas of health and nutrition to help your products win consumer trust. 


Meeting high standards for infant formula

For pure and effective prebiotic solutions, count on Ingredion.

Nutrition plus

Empower better nutrition in your applications with Nutrition Plus. Deliver nutrition with ingredients that bring quantifiable nutrition & taste. Enquire today
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Early life nutrition

Ingredion Glacto Oligosaccharides Solutions are designed to nourish your youngest consumers. Visit us today and order your sample
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Digestive health

Ingredion EMEA Fibre Ingredients for Digestive Health is designed to make digestion easier. Visit us and help your consumers digestion health today
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