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Longer-lasting fragrance for your detergent products 

Meet your consumers’ number one priority in detergents with cost-effective, green solutions

Meeting consumers’ increasing demands can be a challenge. On the one hand, they are increasingly concerned about the potential hazard posed by chemicals and exhibit a growing preference for green products. At the same time, they expect their home care products to work better than ever and deliver sensory benefits too - product efficacy and performance are extremely important, as is fragrance, consumers’ number one reason for choosing a detergent.

Ingredion’s ECOSENTEUR™ liquid natural polymer (LNP) encapsulants have been specially developed to ensure manufacturers can meet all of these challenges, while allowing them to reduce their costs at the same time. ECOSENTEUR™ LNP products:

  • Are highly effective encapsulation matrices
  • Are made from sustainable resources
  • Retain fragrance much longer
  • Significantly enhance the fragrance burst effect in laundry applications
  • Reduce your costs
  • Improve your productivity
  • Are supplied in a unique, ready-to-use form

Improve your consumer appeal with green solutions that offer improved product performance and reduced cost

Ingredion’s ECOSENTEUR™ liquid natural polymer (LNP) range can help you meet the diverse requirements of today’s consumers while saving money and improving productivity. Contact our technical team to discuss your product- or application-related questions.

Fragrance is the consumers’ number one priority choosing a detergent. Ingredion helps you exceed their expectations:

  • ECOSENTEUR™ LNP 2115 is a highly effective encapsulation matrix, ensuring consumers benefit from much longer-lasting fragrances in your detergents. If you’ve continued to invest your R&D budget in finding the perfect long-lasting scent only to discover that the scent is barely making it to the consumers’ home, now’s the time to try ECOSENTEUR™ LNP 2115. We carried out an accelerated storage test, which involved powder detergent being held for three weeks at a high temperature and humidity equivalent to approximately one-year’s shelf-life. Standard powder detergents retained less than 20% of the fragrance in the detergent, regardless of packaging, whereas, if a proportion of the fragrance was encapsulated by ECOSENTEUR™ LNP, more than 85% of the fragrance was retained in the detergent throughout the shelf-life. The higher the amount of fragrance encapsulated, the more it remained stable throughout the shelf-life, even up to 95%.

Meet your consumers’ growing demands for safe, environmentally responsible products:

  • ECOSENTEUR™ LNP 2115 is made from a sustainable source and it is readily biodegradable. In addition, it can help you cut greenhouse gas emissions in your manufacturing process.

The unique properties of Ingredion’s natural encapsulants allow manufacturers to save money and improve productivity.

  • ECOSENTEUR™ LNP 2115 is supplied in a ready-to-use form, allowing you to eliminate the drying step during manufacturing. This saves time, reduces your energy costs and cuts greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, its long-lasting fragrance means you can save R&D money previously invested in the quest for longer-lasting fragrances.

ECOSENTEUR™ 2115 liquid natural polymer

Enhance the fragrance of your detergent, without increasing the cost

Biomaterial solutions

Unlock unique functionality with biopolymers. 

Key Attributes to Shelf 
What communicates value to the cleaning consumer?

Consumers look for products that are perceived as safe for their families, specifically searching for biodegradable and natural ingredients

Key Purchase Drivers 
What drives the cleaning consumer?

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