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Finding the industry balance

Ingredion has launched four new guides to help food industry professionals achieve product perfection from production to plate

Ingredion has launched four new guides to help food industry professionals achieve product perfection from production to plate. Constantly faced with the challenge of balancing consumer appetites whilst continually innovating and being profitable, the new guides address the various challenges of the multiple stakeholders and help direct them to find the delicious balance. 

Tailored to specific audiences within the food industry the new online eBooks discuss everything from profitability and performance, to innovation and sensory satisfaction. By uncovering the complex views each audience has, the guides will ensure each job function is equipped with the know-how to rebalance their priorities for the best product outcome. 

Charlotte Commarmond, Marketing Director, Europe, commented:

“Whether it’s bakery, dairy, beverage products or snacks, each sector has its own challenges and to be successful, it means making the right balance across sensory, quality, process, speed, nutrition and transparency. With access to the latest customer insights and supply chain knowledge, we have been able to highlight just how critical the balance is to producing high quality end products in line with consumer preferences. Naturally food industry professionals have different views, but it’s important each party understands how a decision made in one area can compromise colleagues’ objectives in another. The four ‘Balanced Decisions’ eBooks address some of the most common professional conflicts to help stakeholders recalibrate their thinking.”

The ‘Balanced Decisions’ eBook follow the new Balanced Decisions Scorecard, an interactive tool designed to help food producers, retailers and food service brands assess their business priorities. The Balanced Decision Scorecard surveys the attitudes of food industry professionals on a range of topics including cost, quality, innovation and speed to market. The tool then generates a personalised infographic with a character profile and supporting recommendations. 

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